Do you feel like you missed the boat?

Registration is re-opening!


Did you miss the sign up to this year's online training? Module 1 of 'Natural Fabric Dyeing: Colour, Print and Pattern' took place earlier this year but after many requests, I've decided to allow 'on demand' instant access for those of you who'd like to catch-up before Module 2 starts. 

I've had so many people emailing me to say they only just found out about the course and asking if they could sign up now, even though Module 1 has ended that I had to do something to help. They've realised too late that there's only one chance to take this once a year training and feel like they've missed the boat. It is a long time to wait until the next run in 2019, so after much deliberation, I've re-opened registration as of now!

The Wild Dyery, home of The Wild Dyer, Justine Aldersey-Williams

I had to think long and hard about this because I am totally convinced that people enjoy more success if they study online with the camaraderie of a group and the support of an 'on-call' teacher. However, my prospective students have been very persuasive so I'm making a slight exception to my own rule today by saying, if you wish you'd signed up for all three modules at the beginning of the year and if you are dedicated enough to work through module 1 on your own before module 2 starts (June 4th) then I'm happy for you to join us now. I trust those who've got in touch when they've promised to catch-up and know that by joining the full training, they will be motivated to have their projects completed before their next module starts live, so I'm happy.

Our 2018 live module dates are:-

Module 1: Colour - Mon 5th Feb - Sat 3rd Mar 2018 (now available to catch-up students on demand)

Module 2: Print - Mon 4th - Sat 30th June 2018

Module 3: Pattern - Mon 1st - Sat 27th Oct 2018

The connections myself and my students have made are very special. I give one to one feedback to everyone who needs it pretty much 24/7 (with a few hours of sleep!) during the live module dates and although 'catch-up' students won't get this, you will be added to our private members group so the other students can welcome, support and motivate you. You'll also have the advantage of being able to read all their comments, so learning from their experiences. You are able to download and keep all the lessons and have classroom access until 03/09/18 (module 1) and 27/04/19 (full training.)

natural dye jars and equipment

I believe this craft should be honoured and its ancient wisdom protected. Natural dyes have the potential to contribute towards a more environmentally sustainable future which could improve health and wellbeing but only if new students have access to quality tuition. Natural dyeing is experiencing a renaissance which is wonderful! However, it's important we ensure this popularity doesn't result in the dilution of accurate techniques and misinformation spread through the web of social media.

I am looking for passionate, committed and talented students to become the next 'wisdom keepers' who will ensure the longevity of the craft. This training will teach you the skills practiced for centuries by our ancestors to create beautiful, lasting colours, prints and patterns on fabric. Together, we are creating an incredible network of thoroughly trained, certified natural dyers, so if you've been wishing you could be one of our 2018 graduates, here's your chance! Join us today by clicking the image and start your wild, colourful, creative journey today. *SIGN UP BEFORE THE END OF APRIL AND PAY JUST £599 USING THE DISCOUNT CODE: NFDCATCHUP

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