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This exciting, online home-study course teaches you how to dye fabric a spectrum of colours using just three plants.

You'll discover the secrets to long lasting results, play with beautiful shibori and tie-dye patterning techniques and create a final piece using your new skills.

You'll learn more about the fascinating history and ancient heritage of the craft you're preserving while considering the ecological benefits.

Delivered via video and written tutorials that you can instantly download and keep forever, this course is packed full of content to help you feel qualified, confident and inspired to begin colouring your textiles with plants.

  • 20+ hours of video and written tuition all available to download and keep forever (equivalent to a 3 day workshop)
  • fun practical projects that build lifelong skills
  • historical and ecological context
  • 1 year's access to the classroom
  • membership to our natural dye forum with over 10K members
  • certificate of achievement upon completion of practical projects
  • taught by a qualified textiles teacher

If you've been wanting to transition your textile work away from petrochemical dyes derived from fossil fuels, by instead creating stunning colours from plants, or even if you'd just like to revive your clothing with natural dyes and patterns, this course can help you fulfil your creative aspirations safely and successfully.

You'll have the opportunity to:-

  • discover key equipment and tools of the trade
  • create and use a dye journal
  • set up your own organic indigo dye vat
  • try 5 beautiful shibori patterning techniques
  • create a reference swatch book of 12 colours using the heritage dyes - indigo, madder and weld
  • modify colours using assists
  • conduct wash and light fastness tests
  • discover how to grow your own dyes
  • create a naturally dyed, shibori patterned scarf using your new skills

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“Thank you for sharing so much Justine. As a teacher myself I appreciate the level of dedication, knowledge, organisation, creativity, checking and rechecking that you have poured into the online training course. It is so well structured and very engaging. ” - Alex Lowman (past student)

Above: previous student’s work by Kate Jarvis, Janika Solmann, Morgan Smith, Alex Lowman, Lizzie Drake and Ingunn Vardoy

“Thank you so much for this introduction to colour module. I was excited to see the rainbow of colours appearing before my eyes, and fascinated by the varying take-up of colour by different fabrics. This course has encouraged me to take a much more rigorous approach to my dyeing experiments, for which I am very grateful.” - Melanie Mott (past student)

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