This is your chance to study a fascinating heritage craft from home whilst connected to a group of international enthusiasts all working through the course at the same time. This training is the first of its kind. Its structure has been designed specifically to motivate you to complete the work. We want all our students to graduate by creating beautiful, long-lasting, naturally dyed textiles. You may find hobbyist dyers creating short video tutorials but to our knowledge, this is the only certified online training in natural fabric dyeing taught by a qualified textiles teacher. The Wild Dyery are building a worldwide network of properly trained natural dye graduates and we want YOU to join us!The Wild Dyery, home of The Wild Dyer, Justine Aldersey-Williams

Our 2018 live module dates are:-

Module 1: Colour - Mon 5th Feb - Sat 3rd Mar 2018 (now available to catch-up students on demand)

Module 2: Print - Mon 4th - Sat 30th June 2018 (now available to catch-up students on demand)

Module 3: Pattern - Mon 1st - Sat 27th Oct 2018

You receive a considerable discount by booking all three modules together. You can still sign up after the live run dates as a 'catch-up student'. When catching-up you will be admitted to private members group but will work without daily support from your teacher Justine who only offers feedback during the live dates.

OPTION 1: complete online training *discounted rate*


OPTION 2: single modules

*CATCH-UP OPTION (without daily tutor support)*

£245 or £199 with discount code: M1CATCHUP

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*CATCH-UP OPTION (without daily tutor support)*

£245 or £199 with discount code: M2CATCHUP

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Module 3: Pattern Oct 1st - Oct 27th 2018

Fee: £245

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how it works...

This 12 week comprehensive introduction to natural fabric dyeing comprises 3 x 4 week modules that run once a year. This is a semi-live online training meaning the interactive content goes live in your private site on a daily basis, allowing you plenty of time to complete practical projects in between. It’s inspiring and motivating to work along with a group of like-minded students but there’s no pressure to complete tasks on time and you’re also free to work at your own pace as you’ll have access to the site for 6 months after the end date of each module.

If you miss a module start date, you can still sign up as a catch-up student. This means that you get instant access to the module after its live run dates so you can work though the content on your own before the next live module starts. You can also take a single module 'on demand' after it's live run dates. You do not get daily support in the private forum from Justine but will be able to ask other students advice.

The Wild Dyery, home of The Wild Dyer, Justine Aldersey-Williams

what do I need to do...

Each day, you will login to your password protected site and find a new post that will go live at 9am (GMT). Posts will include inspirational interviews with industry professionals, video and written tutorials for practical projects, links to supplier resources and insider information about exciting techniques and tricks of the trade.

A great bonus of each course is your membership to an exclusive private members Facebook group where you can meet and network with like-minded creatives for inspiration and support.  Past students have said that this community element to the course inspired them keep on track with the projects and resulted in many new international friendships. 

Each module lasts 4 weeks and content is delivered 6 days a week therefore you get 24 days worth of tuition per module. You will get the most out of this experience by allowing yourself 1-2 hours per day to read, practice tasks, research and interact with your group.

You can chose to study single modules but will gain the most benefit (financially and practically) by working through each module in sequence as they are designed to develop and deepen your knowledge and understanding of the subject systematically. You’ll also be eligible for a substantial discount if your book more than one module at a time. 

our ethos...

We believe this craft should be honoured and its ancient wisdom protected. Natural dyes have the potential to contribute towards a more environmentally sustainable future which could improve health and wellbeing but only if new students have access to quality tuition. Natural dyeing is experiencing a renaissance which is wonderful! However, it's important we ensure this popularity doesn't result in the dilution of accurate techniques and misinformation spread through the web of social media. We are looking for passionate, committed and talented students to become the next 'wisdom keepers' who will ensure the longevity of the craft. This training will teach you the skills practiced for centuries by our ancestors to create beautiful, lasting colours, prints and patterns on fabric. Join us by selecting from option 1 or 2 above.

Any questions? Visit each module page for more information or read our FAQS