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Natural Fabric Dyeing: Eco Colour, Print and Pattern Online Training

I'm SO excited to announce that after years of research, experimentation, planning and mind-bending web development The Wild Dyery's NEW online training launches TODAY!

Registration is now open for a select number of 'Beta' test students who will not only benefit from being the first in the world to take this groundbreaking course but will do so with a HUGE DISCOUNT.

During our first round of classes we are offering a massive 20-30% discount off our full price to a limited number of participants. Our workshops have been tried and tested during face to face events but our beta students will help us ensure they translate seamlessly into a digital format.

In addition, we also offer great discounts to those booking more than one module at a time. Have a look at all the options, discounts and payment plans here. You can make HUGE savings by studying the complete training and with our monthly instalment plan, it's even easier to spread the cost.

This comprehensive 12 week online course is a one-stop resource for anyone wishing to learn about the ancient craft of natural fabric dyeing.

From the core skills needed to create a full spectrum of dyes using just three heritage plants, to printing your own designs using sustainable, locally foraged colours, you'll discover the exciting potential of botanical dyeing in the comfort of your own home.

Our course is split into 3 modules of 4 weeks duration delivered over 12 months. You're free to take just one module or all three in sequence.

Whether you're a craft enthusiast wishing to share some educational fun with your children or a textile professional wanting to transition your practise towards more sustainable materials, we cover it all in engaging lessons which include videos, exclusive interviews with industry professionals, downloadable handouts and access to our private members community.

Module 1: Eco Colour – March 2017

Gives you a solid foundation of core skills necessary to practise natural fabric dyeing safely and successfully as either a hobby or profession.

In this first 4 week module there’s a rich mix of fascinating historical information to contextualise your study along with inspiration from industry professionals and super clear video tutorials.

You’ll discover the secret to colour and light fastness whilst creating a rainbow of fabric dyes from just three plants. You’ll play with ancient Japanese Shibori patterning techniques before working on a final project.

As part of our private facebook community of international students, you’ll have a network of friends to support and inspire you. Together, we can galvanise and raise awareness about sustainable colour, hopefully making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the planet.

My aim is for you to experience not only the pure joy of finding hidden colour treasures within plants but also to understand the significance this craft has had in the past and could have in future.

This is an amazing subject with an inspiring heritage that you’re going to feel proud to be a part of!

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Module 2: Eco Print – June 2017

After understanding the theory and practice of natural colour creation in the first module, Module 2 offers you a chance to begin deepening your connection to your materials by foraging for local dye plants to use in unique fabric and paper eco prints.

In this second 4 week course you’re given more opportunities to step away from technology as you get outside and discover the wide variety of amazing plants that can be used for their colour, shape and texture.

By foraging in your local environment and discovering new uses for plants you may have previously walked past, you’ll increase your sense of reverence for nature and will bring your previous learning to life by developing your knowledge and ability to safely identify your local flora.

You’ll discover the secret to crisp, clear and colourful eco prints whilst embracing the serendipity of co-creating with nature. There’s nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation you’ll feel whilst unwrapping your first magical bundle of leaves and fabric or the awe when you realise you just helped a flower record its unique imprint onto cloth.

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Module 3: Eco Pattern – October 2017

After grounding your practice in the core skills of Module 1, then relinquishing control by co-creating with nature in Module 2, Module 3 progresses your development by harnessing both the science and serendipity of plant dyes as you express your unique style through natural and traditional surface pattern design.

In the third of these 4 week courses you’ll be deepening your conversation with nature as you move from facilitating it’s expression, to allowing it to inspire and express yours.

Having foraging for plants in your local area, you’ll enhance your observational skills by spending quality time drawing ‘en plein air’. Regardless of your perceived ability, this time spent deeply concentrating creates a meditative stillness that can unleash your inner artist.

You’ll be given various creative exercises that will enable you to find your own drawing style before being shown how to use your drawings to create repeat patterns on paper. Once designs are finalised you’ll experiment with numerous lo-tech, traditional printing techniques that make creating patterns on fabric with natural dyes an accessible possibility in your own home.

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