Announcing New Studio and Summer Workshops

If you've been following my stories for the past month on instagram, you'll have had a clue about what I'm so excited to announce... I'm opening a natural dye studio! It's not my first as I had a pop-up studio back in the summer of 2016 but this is a lovely big space with a double sink (AKA 'the sink of dreams'!) and space for 10-14 students. It's walking distance from my house and the beach and means from now on my work and home life are demarcated. This is already making such a huge difference! I absolutely LOVE it!

I've taken a few weeks setting it up and settling in and am now ready to announce my first four events. I hope you'll come and see me in The Dyery soon!

13:07:19 I'm opening a natural dye studio!

I'm so thrilled to announce that I'm officially opening my natural fabric dyeing studio on Saturday 13th July from 2pm - 4pm. Come along for a cuppa and watch as I unbundle various textile samples created using botanical dyes with shibori (tie-dye) and eco printing techniques. This is a free event but please register so I have an idea of numbers and can email you the address. The studio is located in Hoylake, on the Wirral peninsula (near Liverpool) in North West England.

I'll also be hosting other natural craft artisans so if you're looking for a lovely space that accommodates 10-14 people with a double-sink (AKA 'the sink of dreams') send me an email.

13:07:19 REWILD Your Wardrobe!

Do the destructive effects that fast fashion has upon the environment and human welfare concern you? If so, come and discover how extending the life of your clothing with plant dyes can be a form of creative protest and activism.

Do you have an old, stained or washed-out T shirt languishing in the back of a draw? Relove it while learning about natural fabric dyes and have fun creating shibori (tie-dye) patterns. Only 10 places available and early sign up is advised as you will receive a pretreatment (included in fee) in the post prior to the event which is only 2 weeks away. Book your ticket here...

20:07:19 ECO-SPECTRUM: Core Skills in Natural Fabric Dyeing

There is much debate in the natural dye community about whether untrained dyers who use quick to fade plants might be damaging the reputation of this heritage craft.

If you'd like to understand the issues and gain the core skills required to practice natural fabric dyeing safely and successfully, this one day workshop is for you. Book one of only 10 places here...

03:08:19 LEAF : PRINT : CLOTH - Eco Printing Foraged Plants

Adopt the pace of nature as you forage local, seasonal dye plants for the vat along with beautiful shaped and textured foliage to print on to paper and fabric. Eco-printing is a wonderful technique that records the unique signature of a leaf or flower, creating a lasting record of a time and place.

During this one day event you will try a variety of folding and bundling techniques and will use both natural dye and iron blankets on fabric and paper. Book one of only 10 places now...

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