If you have a question about the online training ‘Natural Fabric Dyeing: Colour, Print and Pattern’ please check these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for an answer. If you have a different question please feel free to email us.

We provide all the instructional materials. You will need to source your own utensils, fabrics, paper and dyes for each module. As soon as you sign up to a module, you’ll receive our exclusive ‘Little Black Book’ of suppliers which is an amazing resource and a closely guarded secret for most designers! We’ll also give you ideas about how you can upcycle materials to save money. It is not necessary to buy a lot of equipment and we encourage everyone to scour second hand or thrift shops for fabric and old pots and pans. This does not need to be an expensive craft. Some of the dyes you will use can be foraged freely from your local region. This is part of the charm of heritage crafts from an era when being economical was a necessity (as for most of us it still is!) You will of course need access to a computer to receive our digital classes and a camera to record your process and share with your new online community.

The course is delivered in a password-protected private online classroom. You’ll simply log in with your username and password and will then be able to navigate as you would any other website. There is a separate classroom for each module. During each module lessons will go live daily Monday to Saturday every week. Online courses offer maximum flexibility because although new lessons will be shared each morning at 9am (GMT), you can choose when to complete each exercise. Maybe you work full time and will only access your course in the evenings? No problem! Once uploaded, classes are available to view 24/7.

Signing up also gives you access to a private community space where you can connect with others studying the same course. This is an exciting aspect of your experience because you’ll immediately be connected with a group of like-minded creative souls from all over the world who are studying the same material. You can use the private forum to share images of your work and it’ll be inspiring seeing so many different results from each exercise. This is a brilliant opportunity to make new connections, gain interesting new perspectives and be a part of an exciting new community of natural colour enthusiasts who can support and encourage your work.

Classes are taught using video, written information and instructions plus lots of inspirational imagery.

All lessons can be downloaded, printed (if preferred) and kept forever. The classroom will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks for six months after the end of each module so you can log in whenever and wherever you like. The private online community will remain open indefinitely and is an amazing place to build rewarding connections with other specialists.

Yes, you will be invited to ask Justine any questions relevant to the Module you are on during the course. Questions will be collated (to save duplication) and answered at a specified time each week. N.B. only questions relevant to the module you are working on will be covered.

Justine will visit the community space regularly and leave comments on some of the work shared there. Class participants are encouraged to support each other by sharing and commenting. There is a great deal of learning to be had from photographing and posting both successes and failures (not that there’s any such thing!) The exciting thing about natural fabric dyeing is even mistakes can be repurposed, redyed or revived.

No. The course is online and you can access it anywhere in the world while it is live. If you are going to be away for some of the course and won’t have the opportunity to access the material, you can catch up when you get back, as you will have free extended access to the class for 6 months after the course has finished. You can also download the material and save for later when you have more time to work through the content.

Yes! You do not need to have a creative background to take our course. There are no formal entry requirements and we welcome both complete beginners and professionals.

You will get out what you put in! You could work through everything in about 30-60 minutes per day, or you could choose to make the most of this opportunity and spend 10-12 hours plus a week on it. It’s your choice. There is a huge amount of information, inspiration and practical exercises packed into this course. Please be prepared for an intensive, enjoyable learning experience.

It depends on whether you consider yourself an ‘expert’ or not. Although all these modules offer a comprehensive introduction to each discipline which may not suit seasoned practitioners, they also offer a fresh perspective with fun practical projects shared with a global community of fellow enthusiasts. This experience hasn’t (to our knowledge) ever been offered online before so you will be blazing an exciting new trail by being a part of a training that galvanizes the natural dye community and promotes the craft. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.” - Shunryu Suzuki

You don’t have to take them all in sequence but will get the most benefit it you do as although each module stands alone, they build on previous experience so you will be better equipped having progressed logically. For instance you don’t need to have taken module 1 to do module 3 but if you do you’ll be able to create a more diverse range of dyes to use in your work. Plus there are great discounts to be had by signing up for all three modules together and you can even pay in instalments prior to the start date of module 1.

This course is suitable for anyone with access to the required materials worldwide. With the mix of nationalities sharing their experiences, it’s sure to be an incredible learning opportunity. As your teacher is based in the U.K. some references to foraged dyes will be regionally specific although by the power of internet shopping everyone can access dyes to buy online when necessary.

We only offer an instalment payment plan when you buy all three modules together. Please visit our 'study online' page and look for Option 1 which has a link to buy the full course in one payment and underneath, a link to buy the same course paying in instalments. This discounted rate is only available until the start date of module 1.

All payments for the course are through online payment with a credit or debit card or via PayPal.

Yes! We email certificates to everyone who completes, photographs and shares their projects with the online community. All you need to do is request a certificate and compile a document showing your results.

We welcome contributions from accomplished industry professionals and are happy to feature and promote beautiful new work on both our blog and within our course content. You can follow is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest where we are happy to share interesting articles or new work. We will soon be offering an affiliate program for anyone wanting to earn while they learn by promoting our courses.