Natural Fabric Dyeing: Eco Colour, Print and Pattern

This is your chance to be one of the first to study a fascinating heritage craft from home whilst connected to a group of international enthusiasts all working through the course at the same time. This training is the first of its kind so you'll be blazing an exciting new trail!


Our standard module price upon general release (in 2018) will be £245 meaning to take the complete training (without multiple module discount) will cost £735. During our beta* testing phase you can study all three modules for £499. That's almost a THIRD OFF! This will only be available on a first come first served basis to a small number of testers so if you're interested please sign up now by choosing Option 1 on our shop page N.B. You can also spread the cost by paying in instalments (click the second 'buy it now button' under Option 1) and pay an initial fee of just £199 for the entire training followed by 3 x monthly instalments of £100.

This 12 week comprehensive introduction to natural fabric dyeing comprises 3 x 4 week modules starting**:-

Module 1: Eco Colour - Monday 8th Jan 2018 N.B. the first beta test run of this module took place last March. You do not need to study each module in sequence.
Module 2: Eco Print - Monday 26th June 2017
Module 3: Eco Pattern - Monday 2nd October 2017

This is a semi-live online training meaning the interactive content is delivered to you on a daily basis, allowing you plenty of time to complete practical projects in between. It's inspiring and motivating to work along with a group of like-minded students but there's no pressure to complete tasks on time and you're also free to work along at your own pace as you'll have extended access to the site for 5 months after the end of each module.

Each day, you will login to our password protected site and find a new post that will go live at 9am (GMT). Posts will include inspirational interviews with industry professionals, video and written tutorials for practical projects, links to supplier resources and insider information about exciting techniques and tricks of the trade.

A great bonus of each course is your membership to an exclusive private members Facebook group where you can meet and network with like-minded creatives for inspiration and support. You can follow along with the group or work at your own pace as each module gives you access to the password protected site for 6 months after the start date. You will get the most out of this experience by allowing yourself 1-2 hours per day to read, practice tasks, research and interact with your group.

Each module lasts 4 weeks and content is delivered 6 days a week therefore you get 24 days worth of tuition per module.

You can chose to study single modules but will gain the most benefit (financially and experientially) by working through each module in sequence as they are designed to develop and deepen your knowledge and understanding of the subject systematically. You'll also be eligible for a substantial discount if your book more than one module at a time. Visit the shop for details.

Any questions? Please read our FAQS...

*beta version price is a discounted rate for first round pupils who will be helping us test the success of our workshop

**start dates during beta testing phase are provisional