Module 2 offers you a chance to begin deepening your connection to your materials by foraging for local dye plants to use in unique fabric and paper eco prints. Eco Printing is a beautiful call to the wild which has the potential to re-connect people with the Earth that sustains them. It's crucial to honour this wonderful process, born out of a deep reverence and celebration of nature, rather than allowing it to become just another way to exploit the planet's resources.

In this second 4 week course you’re given more opportunities to step away from technology as you get outside and discover the wide variety of amazing plants that can be used for their colour, shape and texture. By foraging in your local environment and discovering new uses for plants you may have previously walked past, you’ll increase your sense of reverence for nature and will bring your previous learning to life by developing your knowledge and ability to safely identify your local flora.

You’ll discover the secret to crisp, clear and colourful eco prints whilst embracing the serendipity of co-creating with nature. There’s nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation you’ll feel whilst unwrapping your first magical bundle of leaves and fabric or the awe when you realise you just helped a flower record its unique imprint onto cloth.

World renowned teachers contributing interviews and features in Module 2: Eco Print include India Flint, Fabienne Dorsman-Rey, Irit Dulman, Caroline Nixon, Elizabeth Bunsen, Beautiful Wasteland (with more still to be confirmed) and there will be an exclusive interview with pioneering environmental activist Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters sharing how ‘crafty women’ can become part of an international group of females contributing to the healing of our global ecology.

As part of our private Facebook community of international students, you’ll have a network of friends to support and inspire you.

Together, we can galvanise and raise awareness about sustainable colour, hopefully making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the planet.

Course includes:-

• Preparing fabrics for best results
• Inspiration and interviews with world renowned eco printers
• History and heritage of nature printing
• Safely identifying appropriate plants
• Secret to crisp, clear and colourful eco prints
• Bundling, steaming and simmering techniques
• Using an iron blanket and pre-dyed fabrics
• Therapeutic effects of slow textiles
• Options to use your samples to create a memory apron and zero-waste dress

During each week there will be a balanced mix of theory, inspiration and practical projects. There a plenty of opportunities to get up from your computer, get your hands dirty and create while you learn.

This is for you if:-

• You’d like to slow down, loosen up, get outside and practise relinquishing control in your creative work
• You’re interested in working with organic materials for aesthetic, spiritual or ethical reasons
• You'd like to make simple garments using 'zero-waste' patterns and your own samples
• You want to create beautiful eco prints rather than something that looks like it’s been exhumed!
• you don’t have the time/money to take multiple live weekend trainings
• you’d like to join a community of like-minded creatives on the same ground-breaking journey

N.B. It’s not necessary to take all 3 modules in sequence but you will gain the most benefit by doing so. For instance, in module 2 you’ll be able to create a more diverse and sophisticated pallet of colours if you’ve taken module 1. You can work along with the group or at your own pace as you'll have 5 extra months access to all content once the course has finished.


Start Date: 30th April 2018*
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: worldwide via home study
Early Booking Price (before 1st Jan 18): £199

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* start dates are provisional